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Sizzling Brownie#78: His way is my way !

So we are back in Tokyo since about a month and half now and the house is yet to be set up properly as we got our shipment just this Fri. Yesterday after dinner as I was trying to make my way to my sofa the coffee table blocked my way. I asked hubby to pull it to his side and he pushed it further towards me blocking any possibility of a squeeze or jump there and said all excited :

You have to come this way…my way is the only way !

me (knowing the trick and laughing) : no…i know you wont let me pass…

so ? just pay the toll and go…

i look at him..ponder a while..walk to him and give him a kiss and he makes way making himself more comfortable on the sofa and pulls me onto him…the toll is extra for you ! mmuah muah mmmuah….and we roll in laughter !

after sometime as i get up again…squeezing my way out…i slip onto him…

and he goes…

oh you want to pay the toll again !! no worries the toll gates are always open for you !!

omg !! i just love love love the way he has this inherent child like clear simple happy spontaneous thoughts ! i love that so much about him ! he just makes life shine !!

i love u my sunshine !!


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