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Sizzling Brownie#79: A Promising New Year !

It’s just about 9 am here in Tokyo as we are done with most of the rush of the morning. It feels nice when we get up early and get things done before the actual start of the day. Yesterday we slept late and today hubby needed to be in office before his usual time and yesterday night as we slept I was clueless about what to cook for the lunchbox today.

No, thats not the highlight of the day or any other usual day with us..the highlight is the way we do things..our way. Generally he is the first to get up and out of the bed (yeah with the good morning forehead kiss) then he opens the curtains for me because he knows i love the natural sunlight coming into the room and brightening up the day..he knows i need it to get up naturally and refreshed..and as he got up today i muttered something ‘we will make that chinese style paneer rice?’ and he said a loving yes and went about his daily routine.Soon i hear him in the kitchen chopping vegetables, and i smile to myself and think of this amazing guy in my life who takes care of me sooo much…in so many small and sweet ways…I wonder how can i ever do enough…Then in a while i join him and take over the cooking part, the breakfast and lunchbox packing etc by the time he is ready. So that for me really stands out that each day every day how we just know the perfect timing..the right amount of time…he knows in how many minutes i would be up and about and i know when to walk in 😀

Today after many days i sat down and felt a peace…felt i could write..and i know he has been secretly visiting this place and once i found him giggling reading some old moments when he thought aloud that how much he loves this..

i started this post thinking i will have to write down the events of the last year (to overcome my mental block) but just the ‘writing about us’ part makes it all so worthwhile and promising. There has been some major happenings last year which can be summed up in 4-5 incidents. [We lost 3 good friends. Just like that! i got dengue, and soon hubby got a severe bout of viral fever.Then to end that year, there was another unborn undue loss happening to our closest friends. i cant express all those days, couldn’t then, cant now;] but then all through that every day each day the way we held on,there are those many moments that made us even better even closer, and i can count and tell about those 4-5 mishaps but i know i missed recording and remembering the many brownies each day.i know they would outnumber and hopefully outweigh those 4-5 incidents anytime. Those mundane little things everyday things that we do for and with each other, these slipping away moments,months and years help us hold on and absorb the audacities of life..

Thats what i always had known,always had heard but i realized it as we welcomed the dawn of this new year. Its so easy to let days,months and years slip by in the wake of such undue incidents, which would always leave their strong imprints on our minds but then we should strive to focus more and collect and share more of those tiny little moments, the giggles here and there, the warm cup of tea in a freezing night, or a long aimless walk hand in hand feeling only the warmth of our hands clasped together and the warmth in our hearts, the sunshine thats any day stronger and brighter than any daunting winter…

Heres wishing US and Ours, You and Yours, a very Promising, Happy and Healthy New Year !

Btw,there was one very special thing that happened for us last year and 2014 will always remain special that way. More on that in the upcoming post…

lots of love, xoxoxoxo


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