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Sizzling Brownie#80 : When my earring goes missing..

This is When.

This time it was bit different. Yeah, 7 years of marriage does that i guess!

Well, we were returning from a friend’s house late in the night, actually well after midnight it was around 2 a.m. by the time we reached home and as i was unwinding for the night, i found out that one of my earrings was missing. I had worn them for the first time. Sweet small happy spicy ones, mom had picked those up someday just for me. And somewhere it tugged at my heart to miss it. I just plainly announced it to hubby..’mera earring kahin gir gaya’.. 

And all this happened in secs just as we had entered and i went to the dresser while he was still at the door, and hearing me say that, he says give me my jacket i will see and come. While i told no it’s okay let it be, it’s cold n windy outside now, i knew from his sweet lingering stare that all that i was saying was just blabbering :p

So he went out while i sat on our comfy couch recollecting, tracing the flight of stairs outside, long winding streets, and a family mart we had just been to. I wondered about this gentle man, who without a thought went out in this chilly night just to find my earring, not gold or diamond, a simple plain one, one with love with fondness with warmth..and i prayed, simply to please let him find the earring, not because of me but because he has gone out to find it.Only for that.Just for that. Please let him find the earring.

Then he comes back in less than 10 mins. And as my questioning look meets his eyes, he pulls his hand out of his pocket and opens his palms with my sweet spicy earring safe in it.


And i couldn’t have a bigger grin on my face 🙂 🙂

Well, I guess that’s what 7 years of marriage means to us, makes me admire him and his ways more and more each day and makes him love me more and more each day.

This April we have shared 7 years of marriage, of love and passion, of fondness and care, of adventures and memories, of wonder and joys, of dreams and achievements, of the journey ahead and the walks together. And this pair of copper origami cranes in our home say just that.


After about more than a year, we had taken some time off for ourselves and had been out for a 3-day trip. A sweet soothing memorable and special one indeed.

Just yesterday as we were wishing our friends on their anniversary over phone, they asked “how is it there now? Exciting or you are already bored with the place”, and prompt comes his reply  “we are never bored, when with each other” and i add almost instantly “he actually looks fresh every day the moment he is home” and to that our friend replies “well, I can very well use those lines today” 😉 Soon after as i was checking my day’s mail my face lit up to see a mail from hubby ! He had mailed me in the evening before coming home and (though he doesn’t like sharing our personal mails) this is what he says :

I love uu..
Aise hi..all thru the day I missed u..bas when wit u all my tiredness restlessness choo ho jata hai!!
I love when I do something for u..
I love when something I do puts a smile on ur face
I love when u love me with all ur love

What u do what all u simply beyond my imagination and blow me away everytime..
Jaan I love uu u r the best and the bestest

Love uu

I love YOUU jaanuu ! Thank you, for being UU, for being US ! mmmmmuuuuaaaahhhhhhhh


10 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie#80 : When my earring goes missing..

  1. May the two of you bake even more yummy brownies together 🙂 Belated happy anniversary, glad you found your earring and the cranes are beautiful too. 😀 PC will always be PC eh? 😉


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