We call each other : Jaan/Jaanuu 🙂 🙂                                                        

First Meeting : 1992 when I was 10 and he 9 !                                                                      

The Proposal : 2005 !

The Wedding Bells : 2008 !

For everything in between and thereafter is this blog 😀 😀

This April we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary and it seems like only 3 months ! And soon I realized that all the fun,adventure,knowing,not knowing, realizing,enjoying and the growing together has just begun !!

So,tune in if you wanna know more about our own day2day “Truly Madly Deeply” love life  and share yours too !!

[ Love Note : For u my Jaan, my life-jacket,my troubleshooter,my daily-booster,my best buddy,my hubby,my mate !!

“You are my sunshine after the rain…

You are the cure against my fear and my pain..

I’m losing my mind when u r not around…

It’s all…It’s all because of YOU !! ………………… ” ] 


You can also find us here :   SanVar FotoFun and TokyoTravels   🙂 🙂           


60 thoughts on “WE

  1. I’m being very selfish but I hope you post every single day… so that I get to know your love story and so that I get such coochie coo to read everyday.


    1. Wow jo…n here i was hoping u read it everyday ! 🙂 It’s a great feeling to know that u r enjoying it as much as we are 😉 Thanks a lot dear !


  2. I am truly enjoying your darling little blog. It is so important to remember all of those small steps towards falling in love.
    I am so happy to see that even though you’ve been married for some time, the love is still alive and growing.
    I am sending you many warm wishes!!


    1. Oh thank u so very much to stop by and share ur sweet thoughts 🙂 And thanks a ton for your lovely wishes…hope u visit again 🙂 Have a great day !


  3. Your story is no lesser than a fairy tale come true types.
    I have been a silent observer of your blog ever since you started writing and i read it with all my enthusiasm because it is one such stories which keeps me captivating. The way you express your feelings, the love shared between you two, in such a simple yet elegant style takes me by awe.
    Really look forward to reading more n more of it.


  4. God bless, God bless… 🙂 (kaala teeka daalo, nazar utaaro, do everything possible to keep it like this forever)…Are you like kidding? This is the awesomest thing to’ve happened to you guys…stay blessed. 🙂


    1. Thank u Thank u Thank u sooooooo much !!!! Yes,it is definitely the awesomest thing to have happened to both of us and i know we can never thank God enough for this…bas yunhi Zindagi bitani hai… 🙂 Ur blessings and lovely wishes really means a lot! Touched! Thanks so much ! Hope to keep hearing from u ! Thanks so much !
      Best wishes !! Cheers !


    1. Thank u so much dear 🙂 Glad u stopped by and actually enjoyed it all 🙂 Wow,would definitely go through urs…what a treat ! Grace the Love Tweets page anytime u feel like sharing ur special moments here too 🙂 Thanks so much ! Nice to know u !


  5. MANY MANY MANY CONGRATULATIONS ON THIS DAY! May many more come and make you both joyful. And may you have a 3rd member celebrating with you by next year :p…
    Loads of love and best wishes. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.


    1. Oh i know…she had actually closed that blog but has got a new blog now..i hope we can get the post up back soon…it was just so sweet of her to write about us !! I just can’t let go of the link 🙂 I hope she revives it soon 🙂 Would definitely let you know as and when !!! Thanks so much !!!


      1. Well she confirmed she has actually deleted her old blog completely so no more links to that post, so am removing it from this page..anyways you have a whole blog full of goodies here 🙂 Hope you enjoy !!!


  6. loved reading your blog! I came across it just when i was wishing i had a nice romantic book to read! Reminded me of so many forgotten moments in my life..you have a nice way with words, wish you guys all the happiness.


    1. OMG am just so thrilled to read this ! Am so glad that my blog could suffice in place of a romantic book…guess i should actually get working on my book now 🙂 It feels so special that you could relate to your special moments through ours 🙂 Thanks so much for letting me know !! You can feel free to share your lovely moments at the Love Tweets page here anytime !!! Thank you so much dear for sharing your sweet thoughts !!! I look forward to hearing from you often ! Welcome here 🙂 🙂


  7. Touchwood!!

    This all seems so damn cute and romantic— makes you believe that true love does exist in life!! 🙂

    Glad to have landed here……..


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