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Sizzling Brownie#77: that smile bowls me over..over and over..

Yesterday late night we were watching random movies (me on the sofa, hubby resting his back along it). Just as one got over and we were flipping channels for more, there was this ‘leatherheads’ movie and we had no idea about it. In a while this gorgeously handsome, ‘grey sideburns’ guy named George Clooney appears on screen and I scream aloud (because I love this man soooo much) Ooooooooooohhhhhhh this man….
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Sizzling Brownie#76: We go on and on…

That’s what i have been feeling all these days…i have come back to my page time and again… staring at the blank page…at my lovely ‘my dear u’ and unable to pen down the emotions at all…anyone happened to visit this page in between must have seen the weird and regular changes in the theme at least…hehe…thought that wd inspire…but na…sometimes life is just too sublime…beautiful or hard either ways…its just too sublime and ethereal…that fills u up…ur soul…each bit of ur hair follicles…so much that you are it ! you are the life you are living ! and you got to make the most of it ! learn to swim…and then enjoy the swim…. 🙂 🙂 Continue reading “Sizzling Brownie#76: We go on and on…”

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Sizzling Brownie#75: We’re back !

Just finished a board of Scrabble with hubby and it just felt like we’re back ! Back being just the way we are…just being ‘us’.

And this little act too took us so many months, more than a year, just to sit and do something together without any requisites. Last year has been just so challenging, it’s like we have dived into a new phase of life altogether, there has been continuous challenges one after the other, so many struggles, it’s like we have been up and awake 24*7 everyday. Things now are also busy but we understand this is just a phase…and we will see through this too step by step hand in hand… Continue reading “Sizzling Brownie#75: We’re back !”

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Sizzling Brownie#74: Celebrating US :) :)

“We are each of us angels with only one wing. And we can only fly while embracing each other.”


Thank you for our own TRULY MADLY DEEPLY…

For these 5 wonderful years and the many more to come…

Thank you for YOU…for US…for the BEST OF LIFE AND LOVE there could ever be…



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Sizzling Brownie #73: The Valentine Chase !

Hmmm…though we are not very particular abt celebrating Valentine’s Day but one thing we are definitely particular about is celebrating Love and so how can we not rejoice on the day the world celebrates love. 🙂 🙂 This year being our first after coming back home (read all the many options knowing every street and shop) I had still not planned on anything ! [Last year remember this 🙂 🙂 ]. Continue reading “Sizzling Brownie #73: The Valentine Chase !”

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Sizzling Brownie #72: A new address for the same sizzling love ;) :)

It has been 2 months now – new place, new home, some old faces and some new.

Still an un-sinking feeling pops up every now and then, enveloping with the nostalgia of old times, the last 3 years..
Leaving behind, the home that we so dearly decorated, every nook and corner with our taste, our love..simple yet elegant..
It has been difficult to be frank..though very rarely i mention it to her for I know those memories keep coming more often to her..
We kind of fell in love with our home, that place, the people and everything around there..and most importantly we fell in love with each other over and over again..
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Sizzling Brownie #71: A home of love

Its early morning and am sitting amidst every tiny n big item of our ‘home’. A home which speaks of us..through the may ways of love and care we have adorned it…this place has been the longest we have stayed in…3 yrs…and today we are wrapping up. Last few months have been tough in many ways.and the only comfort has been love. of us and of family. There are just so many emotions that no words can do justice. all i can say is it feels kind of very strange. weird. leaving this home. this place where we are the kitchen cooking midnight brownies or in the hall playing the bedroom snuggling upto a movie with some instant sizzling brownie or in the entrance way with our backpacks all set for some trip, in the balcony drenching in the rain, on the floor eating in one plate. I know all this would still remain as we remain 🙂 🙂 Just the feeling of holding someplace so dear and suddenly one day u see the blank walls and empty shelves.

hmmm just felt like scribbling down….because this day is special. very special. it feels weird but there is peace as i sit and the sunbeams peek into my home again and smile and fill this home and our hearts with warm sunshine in this cold winter.

These 3 years have been very very special.And i had to write this only and only because i wanted to record this capture it for you my Jaan. With you, because of you everything is so special. Thank you Jaanuu for these lovely years and many more to come.

So again we look forward to adorning a new abode of love with love and many more special memories.


Do panchi do tinke leke chale hain kahaan…ye banayenge ek aashiyaan….

i love uu jaanuu…..i love uu !