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Sizzling Brownie #40: My Kiddo !!

Scene 1:

me : You know recently i just browsed something about this past life regression and i found out i was a woman and may be a spy…somewhere around 16th or 17th century…

Kiddo immediately grabs the laptop and Googles ‘past life regression’ meanwhile i continue ‘and you were a woman too’ 😉

He smiles and excitedly continues to dig in some probable treasures on the net…mentioning something about India at that period of time..whereby i promptly added ‘nah i was born somewhere near Egypt i guess’.

After a while of introspection i say ‘how people leave so much stuff onto the next life’ and before i could finish he chimes in ‘yeah who knows we would be born on Mars !!!!’ Looks at my half-open mouth and shrugging his shoulders gives me the ‘very much possible’ look !

Scene 2:

While discussing about a recent documentary on Krishna and Dwarika on the History Channel that cites Krishna’s supernatural powers alike that of extra-terrestrials…

my Kiddo : What if life on earth was not started by Adam and Eve ?

me : ?!?!?!

Kiddo : What if some aliens came to our planet and started our race…

me : But then…

Kiddo : (deciphering my look) What ? Who said aliens have to be green with lizard heads ? We could be them !!!

me : nodding my head in amazement shoots my last defense…and what about all that Darwinism ?

Kiddo : That’s also our findings na…and that’s just because no one has ever thought of it this way yet 😆 :mrgreen: 😆

me : (an eyebrow raised…a amused smile and the look) says ‘Genius’ !!!

‘I’m impressed !!!!’ 😉 Have to be don’t i ??? he he he 🙂 🙂

So that’s how talks around our little home run…and each time i can’t help but imagine how much ‘super’ brain power i need to match up to my kiddo-Daddy-kiddos Superhero Genius Combo in the years to come !!! 🙄 😀 😀

22 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #40: My Kiddo !!

  1. Well! There is actually a hypothesis of the same nature… that life (in a simpler form though) came to earth from some other planet.. maybe an asteroid that crashed into the earth, or alien bugs wandering around in space.. 😀


  2. You have to read this post then, you just have to – oh, your kiddo could’ve been me, many years ago (of course, whether or not I’ve grown up yet, despite my 38 years on this planet, is still debatable, but ah, what the hell) 🙂

    Please make him read it, you read it too. I hope he enjoys it, as do you..

    In fact, all those like-minded who commented here, should read it – just want to share the fun I had writing it…three cheers to imagination!! 😛


    1. Ha ha thanks so much for sharing that ! I’m already half-way through i.e 2/4 posts 😉 and am sure it would be treat for my kiddo too !!!
      Cheers to imagination !!!! 😉


  3. arey ! I agree with him 😛 Anythign is possible. And well, every name is relative, every definition is as well ! Totally give it to your kiddo 😛

    Lovely conversation 🙂 Both you kiddos ! Hugs 🙂


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